We are a Leading IT Solutions Provider

PT Juke Solusi Teknologi, or known as Juke Solutions, has been established since May 29, 2012. With a team that has in-depth knowledge and highly competent professional, functional and technical experience, Juke Solutions has helped various industries, both in Indonesia and internationally, in providing IT solutions that impact businesses. We are not only a leading IT solutions provider, but also a strategic partner ready to help and support your business to the next level of digitalization.

Our ability to respond to the ever-growing IT needs is reflected in the provision of comprehensive end-to-end solutions, including IT infrastructure, data analytics, middleware, ERP & applications, as well as network and cyber security solutions, established as a subsidiary of PT Punggawa Siber Solusi.



To Become Trusted Leader in One Stop IT Solution and Digitalization Services



  • Facilitating customer success in Digital Transformation by providing a positive and reliable environment that esteems professionalism, expertise, creativity, and entrepreneurship.​
  • Inspiring growth and blessings through resilience, innovation, and collaboration for a highly productive culture.​
  • Creating a culture centered around learning that rapidly adapts to digital changes, enabling us to respond effectively to challenges and seize opportunities.

We not only provide advanced technological solutions but we also build strong and profound relationships with our customers and business partners. We believe that the key to success lies not only in understanding technology but also in embracing the values, needs, and goals of each customer. Therefore, we firmly adhere to QALBU as our core values.

The Qalbu Way

Quick & High Quality Response

Providing a quality response will enhance the service in order to satisfy our customers. A quick, effective and high-quality response is our goal. As a result of the right response both to internal and external parties, we believe that our reputation will be greatly tremendous.​

Attitude is Everything

You cannot control what happens in your life, but you can always control how you respond to it. The way you choose to respond is a reflection of your attitude. By changing your attitude, you also change your perspective and change your life.

Listen, Learn, Lead and Succeed

Being a leader is a lifelong learning process that begins with listening to others, never ceasing to learn new things, surrounding yourself with amazing people, and learning from them. A successful leader is shaped by the combination of skills, commitment, and the ability to inspire others.

Be a Problem Solver

Not a problem maker, problem solvers tend to focus on solutions rather than problems. They are focused on finding ways to overcome obstacles and change or  improve the situation they are in. Being a solver means you’re a winner rather than just an ordinary person.

Unity is Our Strength

Collaboration and teamwork strengthen unity.  Unity also means prioritizing collaborative results over succeeding as a one-man show. We believe that the outcomes of teamwork will bring the best solution. Together, we will lead the way for the best result.​

We Are A Strategic Partner

Nowadays, our society is facing unprecedented challenges. While the world we live in has vastly improved over the last few generations, there are still some needs for us to continually deliver innovations that answer society’s challenges.

This is where Jukesolutions comes in.

We have a high levels of technical expertise and accreditations to resolve your issues, we also have a genuine passion for understanding your organization, its goals, and its challenges. We will not just fix your problems, but we will also find a way to improve your systems that will positively impact your team and business.

Whether you have no in-house IT expert, or you are an IT Manager looking for additional help, we will help you to build a service that meets your specific needs and priorities. We provide you with an advice and guidance that you need to take advantage of ever-evolving technology and help you to plan your IT Roadmap for a better future.

As a trusted solutions provider, your belief in Juke Solutions will help us create the good things that people dream about.

Ilman Wibisana, CEO at Juke Solutions


Adrian Ahmad Riza

Chief Operating Officer

Agung Santosa

Chief Delivery Officer

Flora Erlita

Chief Commercial Officer

Hidayati Husna

VP Finance

Iwan Setiawan

Chief Technical Officer


We highly uphold core values and seamlessly integrate attitude values with
skill expertise, experience, and knowledge.


Our team upholds integrity as the primary foundation in every step taken, ensuring that each service is delivered with high honesty and ethics.

Expert Team

Specialists in their fields, our team doesn’t just rely on deep knowledge; we combine it with valuable skills and practical experience to provide effective and innovative solutions.


We strive to create a positive and professional work environment, believing that a positive attitude shapes high-quality results.


Our team excels not only in working together internally but also in maintaining good relationships with external partners. We build strong and sustainable networks to provide added value to each client.


More than just an IT consultant, we are dedicated partners committed to helping you achieve your business goals. Our excellence encompasses technical aspects, integrity, knowledge, positive attitude, and strong collaboration. With Juke Solutions, you have a partner committed to your success.


Creative, Fun, Responsible.


Our partnerships with leading global IT innovators and manufacturers mean we provide state-of-the-art solutions at cost-effective prices. Our team performs continuous learning to ensure they have exceptional product and solutions knowledge.